The strong social, media and commercial impact of the sports industry today,has led to increasingly more companies are looking to associate their image to sports world, either to professional teams, athletes or sport events. Proyectum Sport is a highly effective advisor in this regard. We generate business opportunities to assist our clients to achieve this goal. Among our potential customers are:

  1. Commercial companies
  2. Sports organizations
  3. Professional teams
  4. Professional athletes
  5. Sports federations
  7. Other entities related to professional sport

Example advertising campaigns:
All with Spain

Spain National Team won its first World Cup in 2010. To celebrate this achievement, the daily La Razon, one of the leading newspaper in Spain, carried out a promotion to take the football heroes to the home of all their fans through the Minigols®. For every day purchase, the newspaper delivered to the customer one Minigols® out of the 22 players World Cup Champions.

Minitintos at the cinema

Cinex, the chain of cinemas in Venezuela developed a successful promotion with Los Minitintos in which for the purchase of a menu the client received one Minitinto as a gift and the opportunity to participate in raffles with fabulous prizes related to the brand.